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Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in SCC2010 in Montreal on 26-29 September 2010! The tradition of RILEM Symposia on SCC started in 1999 in Stockholm, followed in 2001 in Tokyo, 2003 in Reykjavik, 2005 in Chicago, and 2007 in Ghent. This series of RILEM SCC-symposia will be combined with the North American Conference on the Design and Use of SCC, which will be supported by the Advanced Center of Cement-Based Materials (ACBM), USA and the Centre de recherche sur les infrastructures en béton (CRIB), Canada.

Key topics highlighted at the conference will include:

  • Fundamental and materials science aspects

  • Powdered materials and aggregate

  • Chemical admixtures

  • Workability and rheology

  • Flow modeling

  • Test methods and processing

  • Mix design

  • Production and quality control

  • Casting and construction issues

  • Structural performance and design

  • Engineering and visco-elastic properties

  • Transport properties and durability

  • Aesthetics

  • Case studies

  • Specifications

  • Economic, worker's health, and environmental benefits

  • Fibre-reinforced SCC

  • Self-levelling concrete

  • Semi-flowable SCC

I invite all of you to communicate your results and experience related to SCC to a broad international audience in Montreal in September 2010. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Kamal Henri Khayat
Conference Chair